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Snowman Cupcakes

Adorable Snowman Cupcakes using store bought cake mix and frosting. Perfect for the holiday season.

Course Dessert
Keyword cake, cupcake, desserts
Total Time 1 hour
Servings 12 cupcakes
Author Censie


  • 1 box cake mix prepare cupcakes as directed on box
  • 1-2 cups vanilla (white) frosting store bought tub
  • 24 chocolate chips 2 for each cupcake
  • 60 mini chocolate chips 5 for each cupcake
  • 12 pieces candy corn 1 for each cupcake
  • Shaved white chocolate You can also use coconut or white sprinkles.
  • Large open star tip (Wilton 1M Open Star Piping Tip)
  • Piping bags


  1. Prepare cupcakes as directed on the cake mix box. Let cupcakes cool before starting the snowmen decorations.

  2. Transfer shaved white chocolate from container to a shallow bowl.

  3. Pipe vanilla frosting on each cupcake using an open star tip.

  4. Invert the cupcake and roll the icing in the sprinkles to coat.

  5. Place a chocolate chip for each eye, the candy corn for the nose, and the mini chocolate chips as the mouth.

  6. Let frosting set and serve with a smile!